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With Louise & Sohail – Part 2

A man picking up his wife to be for a kiss in front of Broadway Tower in Worcestershire. This was part of their pre wedding shoot in The Cotwolds.

Louise and Sohail are due to get married in the next couple of months.¬†Having stumbled across Broadway Tower whilst enjoying a spa weekend at Dormy House, they knew it would be perfect for their pre wedding shoot. With a perfect view of the Cotswolds. They spoke to staff at Broadway Tower before we visited and they kindly gave us permission to photograph on site. It was the perfect setting. The lighting couldn’t have been any more perfect.

A photograph of a deer at Broadway Tower in Worcestershire.A couple in front of Broadway Tower in Worcestershire with a moody sky.Couple in front of Broadway Tower during their pre wedding shoot. Bride to be hugging her fiance in front of Broadway Tower in Worcestershire with a orange flare effect coming from the top of the image.A coupe just about to kiss during their pre wedding shoot in Worcestershire, with dramatic sky and lens flare.Tall trees filling the image with a pathway at the bottom leading to a couple holding hands. Couple dancing, with the man dipping the girl whilst she kicks her leg out. They are surrounded by trees with Broadway Tower in the background.A slightly silouetted image of a couple about to kiss with orange sky to the bottom of the image and branches of leaves behind them at the top of the image.

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