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Being wedding photographers we have experienced so many different weddings. People from all walks of life, coming together, for the one thing in common… Tying the knot!

You’ve spent so many days, months and even years planning for your wedding day, with one of the plans being to choose your wedding photographer. During this special occasion, a photographer has been hired for a reason. To capture the day, using their expertise. Photographing those special moments to the best of their ability.

It is becoming more and more of an issue that mobile phones and cameras are getting in the way of crucial moments, with the professional photographer struggling to get to the action.

'Handy' video camera and mobie phone blocking a crucial moment during a wedding

Just remember, the images taken on a mobile phone, or even someone learning to use an SLR camera, will often be in the way during crucial moments and those shots will not be as good as the quality from the professional photographer. Also, quite often, being sent these low quality images prior to receiving your professional wedding photographs can spoil the build up and excitement of seeing the images that you actually paid for.

Have you ever heard of an ‘unplugged wedding?’ Some people are even taking this idea to asking their guests to leave their mobile phones at home. This enables everyone to enjoy the moment for what it is, instead of trying to see the moment through the lens. Enjoying it with your own eyes. And enjoying each others company.

A line of wedding guests photographing the bride and groom with their iPads, mobile phones and cameras. Looking like paparazzi.

There is also the issue of having too many photographers and videographers. Having too many means that there are more chances of the other people getting in the way of the shots. We recently went to a wedding where we, S2 Images Photography, a team of two photographers were hired. Then there was a team of 3 videographers. They ended up taking up the aisle with 3 tripods, which doesn’t leave room for a clean image of the bride and groom. It means as the bride walks down the aisle, there is a tripod in the shot one way or another, and it also means that wide angle shots of the room end up looking messy.

Videographers blocking the aisle during a wedding ceremony

S2 Images, as professional wedding photographers, highly recommend that brides and grooms (and their families who often hire photographic / video teams) think about these issues before the wedding day. Maybe, if it’s a must, have just two videographers as a maximum, alongside us.

As we are a husband and wife photography team, we know how each other work. We know not to get in each others way. However, if other photography / videography teams are hired, it can cause conflict on the wedding day. If we are hired, another photography team are definitely not needed, as two photographers are more than enough to capture even the largest of special occasions.

If you are looking for a videographer, we highly recommend hiring a videographer that we have worked with before and get on with, as then the day runs smoothly for us all. After all, everyone is just wanting to get their job done to the highest standard that they can, and ideally in the most peaceful way that they can.

Think of it like this, did your guests come to watch a sea of tripods and cameras (looking more like paparazzi) or to watch a beautiful couple celebrate their love for each other? It’s an idea to keep this in mind when choosing a style of photographic team / videography team.

At S2 Images Photography, we are storytelling photographers. We, therefore, aim to get more natural shots, than staged. We try to blend into the day as best as we can, whilst capturing the treasured moments for you to reminisce over for a lifetime.

To add a little humour to this topic, here is a video we have shared before and will share again, as it is so appropriate. Camera wars, photographers vs videographers!

[vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/7o9pKc-iFoQ”]


S2 Images Ltd are husband and wife wedding photographers based near Warwick. We photograph weddings nationally, having covered areas such as Leicester, Warwickshire, the Cotswolds, Dorset, Leeds and London. We can even venture worldwide should you wish. We would love to know your wedding photography plans. Please get in touch via our contact page if you are interested in our services.

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