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Other than weddings, another passion of ours is travelling. We absolutely love seeing the world, different cultures and amazing scenery.

This time last year we spent time camping and traveling around Socotra, just off the coast of Yemen. We can’t believe it’s been a year! With Sonia’s mother over in Yemen at the moment it’s got us thinking. The world maybe a small place now, with technology and frequent flights, however it’s not when you truly want to spend time with loved ones. We are struggling a little bit at the moment and wishing we could be visiting family in Oman, Yemen and even Czech Republic. We are finding it hard trying to find the time for our family in England, let alone abroad.

This weekend Sonia turned another year older, another step closer to being in her 30’s, alongside Simon. As it’s been a year since our last big trip, we decided to share two of our most treasured travel experiences. Hoping we can give you some inspiration.


Just to explain, Socotra is like no other place in this world. There are trees, such as the dragon blood tree, which are nowhere else on the earth. Animals, such as the Socotra starling, which exist nowhere else in the world. Many people say that it looks quite prehistoric.


We camped for a week. Stopping in different areas every couple of nights. We saw the most amazing sunrises and sunsets of our lives, ate the most fresh food and embraced once in a lifetime experiences.We snorkeled with a school of manta rays and a large pod of wild dolphin. We swam and relaxed by the most beautiful natural pools, and were woken up by starlings and goats on a daily basis.

What’s interesting is we came across an article from New York putting Socotra as one of the top honeymoon destinations – http://nymag.com/weddings/planner/2015/island-honeymoon-planner/

It is strange that they have said this as this island is so basic! No luxury whatsoever! But if you are a couple that truly love adventure, this would be a top honeymoon destination for you! It is a special place.

Should you wish to find out any information on this travel destination, we would be happy to advise. They are very unorganised over there, and very relaxed, however the kindest people you will ever come across. So there is no use trying to be organised to get there, as it just doesn’t work. But we can give you recommendations, advise you on tour guides and travel advice in general regarding that part of the world. Mainland Yemen is a different story, we wouldn’t recommend going there at this moment in time.

Looking for a little more luxury?

Ultimately, should you wish to go on a real honeymoon destination, which is far more luxurious, our recommendation would be Malaysia and Borneo. We can let you know about some hidden gems, such as Lankayan Island and the Cameron Highlands, as we traveled around Malaysian and Borneo for our very own ‘late’ honeymoon!


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