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With Louise & Sohail – Part 1

A couple in woods during their pre wedding shoot at The Fish Hotel in the Costwolds.

We cannot wait for their wedding day in a couple of months. In the lead up to their big day, they went for a spa weekend at Dormy House. This gave them the inspiration for their pre wedding photo shoot, after spending time in the beautiful Cotswolds. We ventured to The Fish Hotel, which has beautiful grounds. Due to the woods being filled with bluebells, it was the perfect time of year for a couple shoot.

Two images side by side of a couple holding hands in woods at The Fish Hotel.A couple during their pre wedding shoot amongst a mass of bluebells. Two images side by side. One taken through leaves of a couple giggling. The other is of the bride to be looking at the camera and the groom looking into the distance.A couple cuddling smiling at the camera at The Fish Hotel in the CotswoldsCouple sitting amongst bluebells with a reflective effect in the left side of the image.Black and white image of a couple cuddling amongst bluebells. The man is kissing his lady on the cheek whilst she smiles.A couple racing up a hill.Couple racing up a hill amongst bluebells on the grounds of The Fish Hotel in the CostwoldsCotwolds pre wedding photo shoot at The Fish Hotel. Couple holding hands walking down a hill amongst bluebells.Groom to be giving his lady a piggy back down a hill.Couple back to back sitting on a fallen down tree.Close up of couple holding hands, sat on a broken down tree.Close up of a couples hands. The lady has her engagement ring on show, whilst the mans hand is underneath.Groom sitting on a broken down tree, cuddling his wife to be and kissing her on the cheek.Close up of a bluebell with an engagement ring hanging from it.Picture of a groom on the left and his wife to be in a picture on the right.Cotswolds pre wedding shoot at The Fish HotelCouple smiling at each other under a cherry blossom tree.couple smiling at each other in front of beautiful costwolds countrysideblack and white image of couple cuddling whilst laughing hysterically couple out of focus, kissing, with main focus being of the beautiful countryside behind themcouple about to kiss, next to a tree and in front of beautiful English countryside.

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